Thank You

Well, a million thanks to all you TAFF voters. I’ve just had ‘the’ phone call. It seems I am now TAFF delegate for 2013, so I will be attending Lonestarcon3 in San Antonio and touring other fannish destinations (Hurrah!). I haven’t seen the results yet but I’m guessing that a substantial number of you must have decided to vote for me and therefore propel me to the other side of the Atlantic in August. I thank you all.


I am also extremely grateful to the people that helped me  to run my TAFF campaign. I was keen to try and make it a high profile campaign to help promote the fund (we managed it in some areas but not in others) and  several people put in vast amounts of time, trouble and effort to help me achieve what I wanted to do.

Thanks, in particular to Nic Farey, Randy Byers and my partner Carrie. Lots of people helped but these three bent their backs just that little bit further. It was/is very much appreciated.

I am a very happy TAFF delegate indeed!