Talent Abounds

Having no artistic talent of my own I am in awe of those that can produce graphical representations that look like they meant it. I have tried to draw the occasional stick man and even struggled at that.

Alan White recently produced the fanzine Orpheum which boasts an extraordinary front cover that feels so rich and multi-layered. Inside this fanzine are many words and pictures of interest but one of the images particularly caught my eye.


I was, of course pleased that Alan was happy to endorse me as his preferred TAFF candidate but also delighted at the image.

I wrote to tell him so and he began to bombard me with more:


This one corrected the missing Canada from the previous one.


This one seems to be designed to stretch across the top of a web page.


This one I saw and thought that’s odd. It’s just a picture of a few stars. However it’s an animated gif and makes a fine display.

However I find that it only begins to be an animated gif if I click on it. hmmm, I suspect there’s something I’ve done wrong with that one.


Alan had obviously decided he quite liked animated gifs and produced this delightful little image. He liked this one so much he put it on his own web page at http://www.smellthefandom.com/ You’ll see it down the right hand side.

Now while looking around for graphic gorgeousness we came across the Pulp O Mizer site.

i made a pic:


This was kinda OK

Then Nic made another which was much funnier, more pulp and more interesting:


Finally in this round up of fan artists and graphic wonderfulness I received a LoC for Beam from D.West hisself. Now, the text I’m going to keep for Beam but the picture he sent is so delightfully funny that I have to share it now:


The representation of me is far from flattering but then this is D.West. He is duty bound not to flatter anyone.

It’s deliciously funny and for that I can forgive him anything.