I do a History podcast, Historyzine. It’s been some time since the last episode but I do enjoy producing this show very much indeed so hope to get back to it soon.


My fanzine, Pips has been a podcast and a text based thing and sometimes both. Content has been a mix of perzine and also interviews with the TAFF candidates over the last two years.


Librivox is a group of volunteers who work together to create audiobooks from public domain materials. These audiobooks are then also released into the public domain.  There’s a list of the books I’ve been involved with here

ZZ9 / Little Book of 42

The Little Book of 42 was created for Novacon 42. It’s a little A5 landscape creation consisting of 42 people on 42 pages all devoted to the number 42.

ZZ9 Podcasts

Dave Haddock and I have created several podcasts full of news, reviews and general silliness for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society, ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.


Of course I have a LiveJournal account. Although occasionally tempted I haven’t moved across to Dreamwidth

Eastercon Podcasts

I did a few podcasts from the 2012 Eastercon at the Radisson Edwardian in London.

Lost in a Space

At Eastercon LX2009 I was able to take a car so I brought computer, printer, several toner cartridges and what seemed like tonnes of paper. The result of all this was a daily newsletter that I handed out at the convention. It was a fun project although made a little more difficult due to my not being at the convention hotel.


A collection of my online ramblings


Nic Farey has been producing Beam for quite some time now and I feel it’s a really quite remarkable zine. I thought it was so good I asked Nic if I could help to produce it. Nic said yes and it’s now developed into quite a UK/North American hybrid publication. I’m extremely proud of what Nic and I have produced in Beam.

Enchanted Duplicator

I’ve always been a fan of The Enchanted Duplicator so in Pips 3 Carrie and I included an audio rendition of the story.

The Organisation

There are, of course, no copies of The Organisation mailings online but I thought I’d mention it here. I was a member of this APA for several years and enjoyed it enormously.