Thank You

Well, a million thanks to all you TAFF voters. I’ve just had ‘the’ phone call. It seems I am now TAFF delegate for 2013, so I will be attending Lonestarcon3 in San Antonio and touring other fannish destinations (Hurrah!). I haven’t seen the results yet but I’m guessing that a substantial number of you must have decided to vote for me and therefore propel me to the other side of the Atlantic in August. I thank you all.


I am also extremely grateful to the people that helped me  to run my TAFF campaign. I was keen to try and make it a high profile campaign to help promote the fund (we managed it in some areas but not in others) and  several people put in vast amounts of time, trouble and effort to help me achieve what I wanted to do.

Thanks, in particular to Nic Farey, Randy Byers and my partner Carrie. Lots of people helped but these three bent their backs just that little bit further. It was/is very much appreciated.

I am a very happy TAFF delegate indeed!





Deadline Approaches

Have you voted in TAFF yet?



The Tiny TAFFzine E-reader collection

The contents of the Tiny TAFFzines have all been smushed together into one fun filled bag of TAFFness that has been formatted for e-readers. It looks good on my Kindle but I would welcome feedback on whether it works with other e-readers.

There’s an epub version here – Epub Tiny TAFFzine Collection

There’s a mobi version here – mobi Tiny TAFFzine Collection


Exercise Thy Suffrage


Only a few voting days left to vote in TAFF.

Voting ends on the 19th of April.

You can use the ballot form at or take at look at these instructions for voting via Paypal




Tiny TAFFzine #4


Tiny Taffzine 04

Issue 4 of Jim, the Universe and Everything (or the Tiny TAFFzine as it has become known) is now available. Jim explores his angst ridden soul and ponders on the expectation to be riotously amusing on one’s trip report and muses that maybe it’s all that Dave Langford’s fault. He also delves into North American history in 1492 and all that.


UK A4 Size

US Letter Size

This leaflet is designed to be printed out, folded into three sections and given to everyone you’ve ever met.


Vote Jim Maybe

Carrie and I went to Sheffield to stay with the wonderful Doug and Julia and I managed to persuade them to help me massacre this already irritating song while hopefully creating something that might persuade you folks to put on your Taff voting gloves and do a bit of voting. It was a lot of fun to do and I assure you that very few Taff candidates were injured in the making of this video.

For an extra two points who can tell me at which fannish house this was filmed. There’s a big clue with the boat.


Talent Abounds

Having no artistic talent of my own I am in awe of those that can produce graphical representations that look like they meant it. I have tried to draw the occasional stick man and even struggled at that.

Alan White recently produced the fanzine Orpheum which boasts an extraordinary front cover that feels so rich and multi-layered. Inside this fanzine are many words and pictures of interest but one of the images particularly caught my eye.


I was, of course pleased that Alan was happy to endorse me as his preferred TAFF candidate but also delighted at the image.

I wrote to tell him so and he began to bombard me with more:


This one corrected the missing Canada from the previous one.


This one seems to be designed to stretch across the top of a web page.


This one I saw and thought that’s odd. It’s just a picture of a few stars. However it’s an animated gif and makes a fine display.

However I find that it only begins to be an animated gif if I click on it. hmmm, I suspect there’s something I’ve done wrong with that one.


Alan had obviously decided he quite liked animated gifs and produced this delightful little image. He liked this one so much he put it on his own web page at You’ll see it down the right hand side.

Now while looking around for graphic gorgeousness we came across the Pulp O Mizer site.

i made a pic:


This was kinda OK

Then Nic made another which was much funnier, more pulp and more interesting:


Finally in this round up of fan artists and graphic wonderfulness I received a LoC for Beam from D.West hisself. Now, the text I’m going to keep for Beam but the picture he sent is so delightfully funny that I have to share it now:


The representation of me is far from flattering but then this is D.West. He is duty bound not to flatter anyone.

It’s deliciously funny and for that I can forgive him anything.



Jim for TAFF banners

There have been many wonderful messages of support and I’ve noticed several little banners appearing in the fanzines. Arnie Katz has posted one in Fanstuff but my favourite banner so far has appeared in a fanzine called Orpheum by Alan White. orpjimtaff
Stunningly beautiful isn’t it?


Issue #3 of Jim’s Tiny Taffzine

tiny03The third issue of Jim, the Universe and Everything or the Tiny TAFFzine as it has become known is now available on this site and on

In this issue Jim tells the tale of fan fund visitors to the fair city of Cambridge. First there was Jacq Monahan under the TAFF banner and then Kylie Ding as GUFF delegate. He managed to punt both of them under a tree in the shadow of St John’s College. Jim also gets into a bit of soliloquy over staples.

We have 2 different sizes available on for U.S. letter size paper and the A4 size.


On you can access it via

Please feel free to print out and distribute to anyone you feel may be interested.


TAFF voting using Paypal


I’ve just voted in the TAFF election and so created a step by step instruction page for how to vote using Paypal. Follow the link to the Paypal step by step instructions